Where is your workplace Nirvana?


By | 22/04/2015


Where is your workplace Nirvana?

beach-office-crop-786x305Increasingly, work is no longer a time or a place.

It’s the flexibility to work well whenever you need / want to be, on any network and using any device including the smallest smartphone – your Nirvana Device.

Citrix Workspace Suite (CWS) is a massive business mobility game changer.

CWS provides you with immediate ‘anywhere’ access to business apps, data, services and personal content with the same ease and functionality that you have on a desktop.

We know this, because we use it in our own business!

Why not discover the freedom of Citrix Workspace Suite for yourself?

View our quick introduction to Citrix Workspace Suite, hosted by Citrix evangelist, Craig Hinchcliffe.

Sign-up for a free Citrix Workspace Suite trial.

Key features of CWS:

• You have the device autonomy you need to work efficiently – wherever you are.

• Delivers the same desktop experience to your device of choice, from PC to tablet to smartphone.

• Drives business success with mobile workspaces

• Puts you in charge of how and where you can work

… all this flexibility and functionality and it still significantly reduces capital and operating costs, even more so if your organisation is one where BYOD is an option!

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