Citrix Report Highlights New Trends in Consumer & Enterprise Mobility


By | 26/02/2015


Citrix Report Highlights New Trends in Consumer & Enterprise Mobility

Citrix Mobile Analytics ReportBYOD policy or not, people use the same smartphone, tablet, laptop and apps for work and home use the distinction between work and personal mobility has reached its crossing point.

According to the annual Citrix Analytics Report, published last week, it is no longer possible to maintain artificial boundaries of personal and business mobility.

The way people use mobile devices and apps in their personal lives has carried over to their behaviours and expectations at work and vice versa.

The full Citrix Analytics Report can be downloaded here.

The report provides the comprehensive insight and visibility enterprise IT and mobile network operators need to make informed strategy and operations mobility decisions today.

Report highlights

–  The latest trends indicate signs of growing sophistication in the way many organisations allow and manage employee mobility and the continued need for IT to get the use of unmanaged, high risk consumer- grade mobile apps and services under control.

–  Device management is a critical function and businesses want less obtrusive ways to maintain security while ensuring a good user experience. This requires a shift from all-or-nothing MDM policies to granular app policies.

–  Productivity and collaboration apps need to be made available or employees will use consumer tools, creating security and compliance risks.

–  Mobile data consumption is rising fast. It’s driven by growing reliance on mobile devices in every aspect of people’s lives.

–  Super-sized screens require super-sized data plans. iPhone 6 Plus subscribers generate twice as much data volume as an iPhone 6. This will have an impact not only on data plans, but also on wireless and customer networks when used on corporate premises.

–  Video optimisation is vital in ensuring an acceptable user experience for video and mobile data services.

Citrix Mobile Analytics Report conclusion

Mobile device usage continues to grow in both volume and sophistication in both consumer and business markets, with no signs of slowing.

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