Why Citrix NetScaler Makes Good Business Sense

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By | 01/11/2013

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Why Citrix NetScaler Makes Good Business Sense

Citrix Netscaler Blog Featured ImageAs an IT professional, responsible for ensuring the delivery of applications and data to your workforce, you should consider a Citrix NetScaler; in fact make one your right hand man.

A Citrix NetScaler ensures best performance and reliability. Proven to deliver on its promise, it underpins the workforces and operations of many major PLCs, mission critical organisations and independent businesses delivering retail and business services. These include organisations as diverse as NHS, Formula 1 and Google.

In short, Citrix NetScaler will enable you to deliver enterprise and cloud-based applications and data with the best performance and reliability guaranteed. You meet your KPIs and your organisation meets its obligations to its employees, shareholders, customers and maintain compliance.

Optimise, Secure, Scale, Control and Deliver

Citrix NetScaler can be your eyes and ears. It delivers and ensures global server load balancing (GSLB), application security and an easy-to-use policy framework for straightforward deployment. It works in single point or global environments to optimise, secure and control the delivery of enterprise and cloud services, while ensuring your end users experience is the best that it can be.

Users of Citrix NetScaler have access to detailed analysis of key performance indicators including basic functions, user behaviour and server performance. By isolating the user and server-side performance you can easily identify failures, monitor traffic and allocate resources.

Five Times Faster

Citrix NetScaler is an all-in-one web application delivery controller. It makes applications run five times faster, reduces the TCO of web applications and makes sure these applications are always available. Ultimately a Citrix NetScaler can improve the efficiency, user experience and security of your application delivery.

The Business Case for Citrix NetScaler

To succeed, your organisation needs to be fully operational, all of the time. Employees increasingly demand around the clock availability and from any device and anywhere; wired or wireless. Data is rich and traffic increasingly heavy.

Therefore the only option as an IT manager is to ensure that you build, manage and maintain an infrastructure that is responsive, flexible and scalable. Virtual data centres have come of age, private and public clouds are becoming the norm and pro-active BYOD policies are on the rise and so too are end users expectations for seamless, secure, mobile access to the web, applications and data sources.

Meeting these demands is not easy, especially with a reduction in overheads high on agendas. The call is for dynamism and flexibility. According to Morgan Gerhart, senior director of product management at Citrix, “Ultimately, everybody wants their underlying infrastructure to be more dynamic and more flexible, so it can adapt quickly to the changing needs of their various application services.” If you agree, read on.

In theory, old school ADCs should be the perfect tool, but they’re not flexible. They demand upfront investment for capacity that might never be required. They can’t deliver SSL without compromising performance and they struggle to support cloud infrastructures and mobile users. They also fail to provide visibility.

Competitive Advantage

Unlike its competitors, Citrix NetScaler is custom built for the modern data centre. It delivers optimum application delivery control. Its forte is advanced load balancing, caching and compression to deliver performance advantages. Its TriScale technology also means you can scale up as you need rather than buying excess capacity upfront.

In summary, Citrix NetScaler provides: Global server load balancing; TCP Offload; content switching; protection against DoS attacks; caching and compression; application firewall; end-point scanning and SQL database load balancing. Read on to learn more about theses features sets; their use cases and advantages.

More Details

For references and further information please follow these links and / or contact our Citrix experts on sales@openreality.co.uk or 01235 556400.

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