Citrix Mobility With a Beer on the Beach


By | 27/11/2015


Citrix Mobility With a Beer on the Beach

citrix mobility open reailtyOne of our dedicated sales professionals was off on holiday to St Lucia, (lucky him!) but still had a lot of work to get done for his customers. What a dilemma! What to do? Here’s Simon’s Citrix Mobility story…

“Having planned a relaxing beach holiday the hotel had no office facilities available but that was the least of my worries. The real worry was what to do with an expensive MacBook on a sandy beach, luckily there were beachside bars, all with wireless access to the Internet so problem solved! Well actually no, the risks were of losing or damaging were too high, and would have certainly marred the holiday.”

So, the MacBook was staying at home, but how was Simon supposed to keep in touch with his customers from a sunny beach?

Citrix Mobility saves the day

There was a solution, and a mighty fine one too. We use Citrix Mobility which enables applications to be deployed to any user, anywhere, at any time and on any device; it’s actually the only way of doing this securely! However Simon still needed a device.

“I decided on a cheap device so I called into PC World on the way to the airport, bought a Chromebook and popped it into my flight bag (it hadn’t even been powered on yet). Once I arrived at the hotel I headed straight for the bar to get a beer and onto the wireless network. I downloaded Citrix receiver, put in my password and boom! I had my desktop, just as I left it, with all my applications delivered securely to my device (which if it fell into the sea I wouldn’t really have minded!) try these out.

My wife thought I was either gaming or browsing the Internet – “Working? Me? No!” – so she was happy, and I was dealing with customer quotes and making customers happy, which is what I care about. All in all, it was a great way to work flexibly.”

Empower your users

Citrix Mobility enables your users to communicate quickly with all their applications, regardless of what sort of application they are; from heavy graphical user applications to secure email. Citrix Mobility can deliver applications to your iPad, your iPhone, your Chromebook or your laptop, in fact any device, anywhere, any time.

Great performance from Citrix means happy users and better business for all customers; and we practice what we preach.

To find out more about Citrix Mobility download our Citrix revolution guide or give us a call.

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