Blue Coat SSL Visibility; Helping You Manage What You Can’t See

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By | 25/11/2015

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Blue Coat SSL Visibility; Helping You Manage What You Can’t See

Blue Coat SSL Visibility ApplianceYou can’t manage what you can’t measure and you certainly can’t see inside SSL traffic, as the demand for secure traffic across the Internet grows, more and more websites and more and more applications are delivered via SSL. As this traffic comes onto your network you are NOT able to see inside it, you’re NOT able to know what is going on.

More and more websites are now using SSL traffic, and the Internet is generally becoming a more dangerous place infected with more sophisticated threats than ever; we need to be careful!

Security breaches are headline news more and more frequently; so much so that you have to wonder when it’s going to happen to you. In order to decode SSL traffic so that you’re able to protect yourself your data and your workforce you need to have a way of seeing inside the traffic, feeding it to your security and network performance tools so that you can understand what is actually going on.

Some firewalls are capable of decoding this traffic and passing it to security devices, the problem here is it adds a load to the firewall and it reduces the firewall’s efficiency, potentially reducing throughput and affecting application performance.

We have started using Blue Coat’s SSL visibility switch, it’s a device that spits SSL traffic and allows you to see inside.

If you are concerned about the growth of SSL traffic, and your inability to manage it, then take a look at the SSL visibility switch from Blue Coat.


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