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By | 04/04/2016

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Apposite’s Netropy N61 gets glowing review from recently gave the Netropy N61 a glowing review with 5 stars out of 5 in the March edition of Internet Telephony.

Netropy N61Review Score

“The Netropy N61 offers an amazing value proposition for the work that it does. Capable of supporting 15 different emulated WANs with a variety of configurations, the N61 is an indispensable tool for organizations to test and verify their applications over a nearly unlimited variety of network conditions.”

You can read the full product review on

What is Netropy?

While Linktropy is used to simulate one WAN link, Netropy advanced network emulators simulate up to 15 separate WAN links, each with their own bandwidth, delay, and loss characteristics, through each pair of physical ports. Packets can be assigned to individual links by IP address range, VLAN, or any other packet specifier.

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