Apposite Technologies Launch Low-Cost Traffic Generator called TrafficJam

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By | 05/02/2019

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Apposite Technologies Launch Low-Cost Traffic Generator called TrafficJam

Apposite Technologies have announced the launch of TrafficJam, a low-cost traffic generator for enterprise organisations and service providers who want to measure throughput and available bandwidth across their networks.

Currently if organisations want to conduct tests like these they need to purchase an expensive tool (often costing 6 figures) or rely on an open-source solution like iPerf, which simply isn’t a reliable utility and lacks a user interface and test report capabilities.

The light-weight, portable device generates stateful TCP connections that provide realistic responses to changing network conditions. TrafficJam’s flexible configuration options allow you to match real traffic or test the effect of different TCP parameters on network performance. With TrafficJam’s easy to use, browser-based GUI configuration is quick and simple, and the live graphs and statistics allow for real-time monitoring of connections. It makes set up and testing simple, which means no more valuable time wasted manually configuring your traffic via CLI!


Traffic Jam Laptop

We can see TrafficJam being a massive hit in the following scenarios:

Throughput Validation

Are you getting the committed data rate that a carrier agreed to provide? Run traffic over the network and measure the bandwidth that’s available to validate throughput.

Network Saturation/Interference

Add traffic to your network during performance testing to understand how your application will behave while the network is saturated with other traffic.

WAN Acceleration

Determine the optimum configuration for your WAN acceleration solution and run traffic to verify that it is working as expected.

Network Load Testing

Perform network stress tests to see how a network handles different traffic loads. Or, test connections and adjust the traffic to achieve the desired network load based on your requirements.

Network Troubleshooting

Measure network performance indicators (i.e. latency, throughput and packet loss) to find the “weakest links” in the network or potential problems with network configurations.

Protocol Testing

Validate that traffic is obeying new routing protocols or test the effectiveness of network changes.

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