Apposite Release Limited-Bandwidth Options of Netropy Range

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By | 04/03/2019

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Apposite Release Limited-Bandwidth Options of Netropy Range

Netropy StackA WAN emulator appliance is the most reliable and practical way to validate application performance, because users can quickly configure and deploy test networks within a lab setting. These test networks can mimic the exact conditions of a live production network found within the WAN.

However, many industry changes like 5G wireless, 8K streaming video, cloud migration, and high-speed storage networking are all pushing vendors, enterprises, and service providers to roll-out faster speed interfaces. This puts organizations in a tricky situation when it comes to selecting a WAN emulation appliance to meet future requirements. Do you opt for a unit with a larger bandwidth with a greater upfront investment, or pick a smaller unit and save money in the short term?

Fortunately Apposite Technologies, a leading provider of WAN emulator appliances, have lowered the prices on their higher-speed WAN Emulator interfaces and also released new bandwidth-limited options on their Netropy range. This offers organizations a great migration path from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, and also, from 10Gbps speeds to 100Gbps.

Customers can buy the bandwidth limited appliance for their current project, and then later upgrade their Netropy appliance to support higher speeds as new projects arise.


Part NumberDescriptionMSRP
N10G1-1GNetropy 10G1 (1 Gbps)£15,630.00
N10G1-10GNetropy 10G1 (10 Gbps)£24,050.00
N10G1-10G-UNetropy 10G1 (Upgrade from 1 to 10 Gbps)£10,090.00
N10G2-1GNetropy 10G2 (1 Gbps)£20,510.00
N10G2-10GNetropy 10G2 (10 Gbps)£31,550.00
N10G2-10G-UNetropy 10G2 (Upgrade from 1 to 10 Gbps)£12,710.00
N10G4-1GNetropy 10G4 (1 Gbps)£27,010.00
N10G4-10GNetropy 10G4 (10 Gbps)£41,550.00
N10G4-10G-UNetropy 10G4 (Upgrade from 1 to 10 Gbps)£16,210.00
N40G-40GNetropy 40G (40 Gbps)£41,550.00
N100G-10GNetropy 100G (10 Gbps)£31,430.00
N100G-100GNetropy 100G (100 Gbps)£49,880.00
N100G-100G-UNetropy 100G (Upgrade from 10 to 100 Gbps)£20,130.00


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