Apposite Recorder for Android Released

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By | 01/04/2016

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Apposite Recorder for Android Released

Capture Live Network Conditions to Test Mobile Application Performance

Apposite® Technologies have released the Apposite Recorder for Android to capture mobile network conditions for replay in Netropy® and Linktropy® WAN emulators.

The Apposite Recorder runs on Android tablets and phones and captures the delay and loss of the network. The application can probe the network up to five times per second and capture more than 24 hours of network conditions. The recorded conditions can then be replayed in a Netropy or Linktropy WAN emulator in the lab to test how applications perform with real network conditions in a repeatable test environment.

Apposite Recorder

Apposite’s Netropy and Linktropy WAN emulators simulate network bandwidth, latency, loss, and congestion to test application performance. Recorded conditions can be replayed in any Netropy and Linktropy model except the Mini2 and Mini-G.

Previously available for Windows and Linux, the Apposite Recorder for Android brings this popular functionality to tablets and phones to make it easy to test the performance of mobile applications over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, GSM and other wireless networks.

With live graphs of network latency and loss, the Apposite Recorder is also useful as a free stand-alone application to monitor network quality.

The Apposite Recorder is available now for free download from the Google Play store.

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