Apposite Announces Netropy 100G to Validate Data Storage Migration to the Cloud

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By | 13/12/2017

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Apposite Announces Netropy 100G to Validate Data Storage Migration to the Cloud

Netropy® 100G helps service providers and storage system manufacturers validate system performance over 25/40/50/100 Gbps links.

Apposite® Technologies today announced the release of the Netropy®100G network emulator. Developed for the pre-deployment testing and validation of high-speed 100GbE networks, the 100G is capable of precisely emulating 25, 40, 50 and 100Gbps WAN links. It allows service providers and storage system manufacturers to validate how WAN impairments–such as latency, packet loss or congestion–will affect performance over all data centre links prior to going to market. The 100G expands on the company’s line of WAN emulation appliances that offer data centre managers predictive insights to how storage clusters will operate over higher speed WAN links.

Netropy 100GAs network technologies continue to rapidly expand, so do the demands for faster speeds within modern storage architectures. Mission-critical enterprise applications are moving to the cloud, adopting software-defined storage models, and transitioning to high-performance systems. Data centres are now experiencing a significant increase in east-west traffic as they transmit petabytes of information over a mixture of 25/40/50/100 GbE speeds. “Data centres are struggling to meet the unprecedented demands for higher bandwidth, and network latency can be a huge bottleneck that is often under-estimated,” said Neal Roche, CEO of Apposite Technologies. “When data is moved to the cloud, it often needs to be replicated up to 10 times to ensure redundancy, and latency can have a huge impact on that data integrity.”

The Netropy 100G supports all network speeds and is combined with an intuitive, web-based GUI to profile and reproduce a wide range of network conditions. Storage architects, service providers, storage manufacturers and network engineers can identify and evaluate performance issues before going live by validating application performance over any combination of 25/40/50/100Gbps network links. In addition, test networks can be created in a matter of minutes to validate architectural changes.

“Cloud service providers and storage systems manufacturers can cost-effectively scale their operations and broaden their revenue streams with the Netropy 100G. By identifying the source of existing performance issues, service providers can take advantage of their full data line rates and potentially avoid costly and unnecessary bandwidth acquisitions. System vendors can reduce testing times and eliminate a greater number of possible performance issues prior to reaching the customer. Both scenarios dramatically reduce business operations budgets,” concluded Mr. Roche.

The Netropy 100G will be available in January 2018.

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