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A Potted History – From Network Instruments to VIAVI

September 6th, 2017 by Sam Cobley

For over two decades network professionals have put their trust in Network Instruments’ Observer Platform and its powerful application performance management tools, expert analysis, stream reconstruction, and trending.

Open Reality started working with Observer from our inception in 1999, and whilst Network Instruments is now VIAVI, our strong commitment to the Observer Platform remains undimmed, so much so, that Open Reality is just one of two Elite VIAVI partners in Europe.

The Network Instruments Story

Network Instruments was launched in 1994 by a former rocket scientist and a product development specialist who recognised the need for superior network management solutions. Their shared vision was to build uniquely effective network products that integrate customer needs and feedback, while raising the benchmark on quality.

They decided to take ownership of each product decision by developing all products in-house – from concept through delivery. Centred on the company’s unique distributed network architecture, each product functioned as part of a seamlessly integrated holistic management solution.

In 2013, JDS Uniphase Corporation (more commonly called JDSU) acquired Network Instruments to strengthen their position as a key solutions provider to the enterprise, data centre and cloud networking markets. It also added a talented employee base to JDSU that included research and development, sales, marketing and production teams with decades of experience and proven success in the enterprise market.

Two years later in 2015 JDSU split into two companies, with the Network Enablement, Service Enablement and Optical Security and Performance Products businesses being renamed VIAVI Solutions.

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The Future

VIAVI continues to lead in Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics (NPMD) solutions today, ensuring that networks perform consistently with end-to-end visibility and precision intelligence from infrastructure to applications.

We look forward to continued investment in the Observer Platform and their commitment to enhancing visibility in cloud and hybrid IT environments.

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