7SIGNAL launch Sapphire Eye 6200

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By | 28/02/2023


7SIGNAL launch Sapphire Eye 6200

7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise Wi-Fi optimization, today announced the release of the Sapphire Eye® 6200, a revolutionary, patented Wi-Fi optimization sensor designed to improve the digital experience of end users.

Data from the 7SIGNAL platform is accessed from a cloud dashboard or via API and is used to mitigate the risk of downtime, increase productivity and protect revenue. The first in the 6000 series to be released, the Sapphire Eye 6200 is built for 802.11ax optimization. Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 capable sensors will be released at a later date.

“We are thrilled to introduce the 6200 series sensors, which represent a major step forward in Wi-Fi optimization technology,” said Ted Schneider, Chief Product and Technology Officer at 7SIGNAL. “With its support for Wi-Fi 6 and its ability to provide visibility into the enterprise RF environment which can be used to optimize performance in real-time. Our hardware and SaaS platform sets a new standard for Wi-Fi performance and reliability – complementing existing customer WLAN infrastructure.”

The 6200 is easy to install and provides real-time analytics and performance optimization data, making it ideal for organizations with mission critical Wi-Fi using Cisco, HP Aruba, Juniper Mist or any other access point vendor.

“The 6200 is the perfect solution for organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve and benefit from 100% enterprise Wi-Fi visibility,” said Jim Vajda, Chief Wireless Officer at 7SIGNAL and CWNE #183. “We are confident that this product will help organizations take their Wi-Fi networks to the next level and deliver a seamless and satisfying user experience – where Wi-Fi matters most – in healthcare, retail, large public venues, manufacturing, education, distribution and large enterprise.”

Get more information about the 7SIGNAL platform.

The Sapphire Eye 6200 at a glance:

  • Optimize enterprise Wi-Fi from the outside-in
  • Mitigate risk associated with connectivity failure
  • Proactive user experience impact analysis
  • Identify root cause
  • Accelerate remediation
  • Identify digital experience performance gaps
  • Send alerts and alarms to existing ticketing, ITSM, AIOps and BI platforms
  • Full spectrum analyzer with packet capture
  • Supports any AP vendor
  • Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz in most domains

Download the Sapphire Eye 6200 Datasheet

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