7SIGNAL Announces Mobile Eye for Mini PC at WLPC 2020

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By | 26/02/2020


7SIGNAL Announces Mobile Eye for Mini PC at WLPC 2020

7SIGNAL Mini PC Blog Featured ImageUnless you were at WLPC 2020 in Phoenix last week, you may have missed that 7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring, announced the release of Mobile Eye for Mini PC.

The new solution addresses the need for visibility into the Wi-Fi behavior of Internet of Things (IoT) devices with non-traditional or no operating system, such as medical, warehouse and manufacturing equipment. Mobile Eye for Mini PC will also be useful in remote offices where a Sapphire Eye™ may not be suitable.

It’s a breeze to use as Eric Camulli, Customer Success Officer at 7SIGNAL explains, “Simply plug a Mobile Eye enabled Mini PC into an AC outlet or USB port and the platform will begin monitoring the Wi-Fi!”

Mobile Eye, which is also supported on many devices running Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS, uses patented technology to scan the wireless network for Wi-Fi problems that are missed by traditional controller-based monitoring solutions including:

  • Roaming
  • Adjacent & co-channel interference
  • Adapter and driver combinations
  • Coverage
  • Congestion

7SIGNAL recommends using the Access Mini PC by Azulle as it exceededs testing standards, however customers are free to select their own Mini PC as long as it meets the following minimum specifications:

  • Microsoft Windows® 10 OS
  • Windows 10
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB Storage

For further information on Mobile Eye, including pricing and compatability, please contact our wireless distribution team on wireless@openreality.co.uk.

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