7SIGNAL Adds Flexible Licencing to Mobile Eye

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By | 17/12/2021


7SIGNAL Adds Flexible Licencing to Mobile Eye

7SIGNAL have added flexible licensing to Mobile Eye, which allows admins to install it on every device they manage, and then activate and deactivate device monitoring as needed. This allows businesses to match Wi-Fi monitoring to their business needs by targeting critical devices or by selecting a representative sample to understand broad trends in user experience.

The frequency of how often you can activate/deactivate devices is a licensed feature. Watch the video below for more details and a demonstration.

Also Released this month…

  • New colour palette improves contrast and readability.
  • Updated calendar control with time-scrolling feature.
  • Device search capability added to Dashboard and additional web pages.
  • Filtering and search capability added to all columns on Device page
  • Admin icons separated from reporting icons along left navigation bar.
  • Windows and MacOS agent release 1.12 with various bug fixes.
  • Android app release 4.0.0+6025 with support for new licensing architecture and Android API 30.
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