16 Wireless People to Follow on Twitter in 2018


By | 02/01/2018


16 Wireless People to Follow on Twitter in 2018

There are lots of great wireless professionals and thought leaders on Twitter that regularly share thought provoking, educational, and sometimes downright hilarious content. If you are looking for a source of inspiration this year you can’t go far wrong by following the people listed below. If you haven’t got a Twitter account yet then it’s not too late to join the party!

PS: This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, just some of our favourite accounts. We’ve compiled a longer list here.

1. Jussi Kivinemi

Senior Vice President at Ekahau and all round good guy, Jussi seems to be on a never ending quest for wireless knowledge. Look out for him at a wireless conference near you.

2. Keith Parsons

Keith is to wireless what Yoda is to The Force. He’s amassed 60+ network certifications, the founder of WLAN Professionals, an ECSE Trainer, and a frequent blogger and public speaker.

3. Mikko Lauronen

Mikko is the Director of Product Management at Ekahau, and so if you have a question about how Ekahau works this is your man.

4. Peter MacKenzie

Peter is the co-author of the CWAP study guide published by Wiley. He is also the Head of Technical Operations for the UK-based company MarQuest, where he’s the principle instructor for both the CWNP and WildPackets Academy courses.

5. Lee Badman

Lee is the man behind the daily Wi-Fi Question which uses #WIFIQ. If you are looking for a place to get started on Twitter this is a great one.

6. Andrew Von Nagy

Andrew is the creator of the free to download Wi-Fi Capacity Planner tool and SSID Overhead Calculator.

7. Nick Turner

Nick is Ekahau’s Sales Engineer for EMEA and has lots of useful tips on Ekahau.

8. Claus Hetting

Claus is a Wi-Fi evangelist and the CEO of Wi-Fi NOW, which organises yearly Wi-Fi industry events in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

9. Ferney Munoz

Aside from being one of the nicest people in Wi-Fi you will ever meet, Ferney is a Network Administrator for a school district in Utah and an ECSE Trainer.

10. Jerry Olla

Jerry is one of Ekahau’s Sales Engineers in the US. You will often find him on Ekahau webinars alongside Bryan Harkins.

11. Nigel Bowden

Nigel is a UK based wireless architect, blogger and occasional podcaster.

12. Rowell Dionicio

Rowell is a California-based network engineer in Higher Education, and one half of the Clear to Send podcast.

13. François Vergès

Born in France and now living in Canada, François presents the Clear to Send podcast alongside Rowell Dionicio.

14. Eddie Forero

Eddie is an ECSE trainer and the author of Bad-Fi.com, a website dedicated to hilarious Wi-Fi fails spotted by the wireless community.

15. Joel Crane

Joel has recently joined Ekahau as a Sales Engineer after working as a Technical Trainer for MetaGeek.

16. Bryan Harkins

Bryan is an author, award winning trainer, and the Training and Enablement Manager for Ekahau.

17. Open Reality (Bonus Account)

I would be missing a good opportunity to not mention ourselves in this list. We’re the UK Distributor for Ekahau and also co-sponsor Wi-Fi Design Day, which is a yearly event specifically for wireless professionals.

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