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Join our global network of verified Wi-Fi experts to grow service revenue and boost your Ekahau ROI.

Global Wi-Fi Surveys: Service Delivery Partners

Through our 15-year Ekahau distribution partnership, Open Reality have built up a large base of experienced Wi-Fi survey partners; with this position in the Wi-Fi industry we frequently receive requests to deliver Wi-Fi surveys.

Our Global Wi-Fi Survey Service has been created to enable our customers to work with Open Reality as a single point of contact with guaranteed results for their customers. Our unique position allows us to validate the toolset and credentials of the engineers conducting the survey work they need to outsource.

We understand the investment required to purchase and maintain Ekahau products has increased in recent years, so this service also aims to help our partners grow their service revenue and boost their ROI.

Our primary focus remains the growth in the adoption of Ekahau products and qualified engineers, but we understand there are some scenarios where purchasing additional products to deliver a survey is not practical due to logistical challenges and lack of suitable resources.


Increase your Wi-Fi services revenue to boost the ROI on your Ekahau investment

Extra service revenue to support expansion of survey engineers

Work alongside Ekahau experts

Gain access to exciting survey projects

Open Reality deal with the bulk of all pre and post-sales work


Is there a cost to register as a service delivery partner?

No. Registration and ongoing participation is completely free.

Who can register as a service delivery partner?

Any company that has directly employed Wi-Fi survey engineers. You will also need Ekahau AI Pro and valid Ekahau Connect subscription/s to ensure that you are running the latest version of the software and can share survey files with us via Ekahau Cloud. All survey data must be collected with an Ekahau Sidekick. Ekahau Sidekick/s can be purchased once a survey project is confirmed.

Can companies based outside the UK register as a service delivery partner?

Yes. We need Wi-Fi survey engineers all over the world to deliver surveys.

Will Open Reality refer customers directly to us?

No. Your company will be working as a contractor for Open Reality and will deliver Wi-Fi surveys on our behalf.

We have sub-contractors working for us; can they help us deliver surveys?

No. Only directly employed engineers can be used to deliver Wi-Fi surveys. Otherwise we are unable to validate Ekahau licencing and ensure a high quality deliverable.

Will Open Reality use their own engineers to deliver surveys?

No. All survey work will be conducted by registered service delivery partners. However, our engineers will validate the survey data and produce the survey documentation.

Will Open Reality be providing other services in addition to Wi-Fi Surveys?

No. We have no current plans to expand beyond Wi-Fi site surveys.

Do Open Reality sell the Global Wi-Fi Survey Service to ‘end user’ companies?

As with our Wi-Fi distribution products, all orders for the service will need to come from a channel partner.

Can a service delivery partner also purchase the service for their own customer projects?

Yes. If a service delivery partner has a large Wi-Fi survey project from one of their own customers that is beyond their means, they can also use the service to deliver it.

Why do you need to know our day rates?

As we sell our Wi-Fi survey services into the channel it’s important we have a guide on your day rates so that we only contact you about suitable projects. This rate should include travel costs, but exclude other expenses. You can include a price range if you have different rates for different tiers of engineer.

What happens next?

We successfully trialled our service during 2021 and plan to market this officially later this year. We expect demand to increase over 2022 and an Open Reality Account Manager will contact you when we have a suitable project for you.

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