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Global Wi-Fi Surveys


To ensure that you select the correct survey for your requirements please read our descriptions below.

Predictive Survey (Virtual Wi-Fi Network Design)

During a predictive design, a model of the RF environment is created. It is essential that the correct information on the environment is entered into the RF modelling tool, including location and RF characteristics of barriers like walls or large objects. Therefore, temporary access points or signal sources can be used to gather information on propagation in the environment. Virtual access points are then placed on the floor plan to estimate expected coverage and adjust their number and location.

The value of the predictive design is the ease of seeing the effect of different access points and locations without the expense of purchasing and deploying new hardware.

Passive Survey (Wi-Fi Survey)

During a passive survey, we measure Wi-Fi traffic to detect audible access points, measure signal strength and noise level, however, there is no associated to any Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, it is also possible to collect RF spectrum data, which is beneficial in case of high interference from non-Wi-Fi sources, such as microwave ovens or cordless phones.

Active Survey
During an active survey, in addition to the data collected in a passive survey, the engineer is associated to the Wi-Fi network to test to measure round-trip time, Wi-Fi throughput rates, and packet loss.

Throughput Survey
In addition to an active survey, a throughput survey adds additional testing from a Wi-Fi and wired perspective of the whole IP network to test end point server. This allows us to measure the maximum achievable bandwidth.

APoS – AP on a Stick Survey (Wireless Pre-Installation Testing)

An AP on a Stick (APoS) survey is a method of temporarily deploying APs at designed locations and height utilising a tripod or other mounting options to validate your predictive design before a full site deployment. APoS surveys identify the RF signal propagation characteristics of the environment while providing additional confidence your proposed design will work as planned, reducing the need for costly AP location changes, and validating you have the correct number of APs in your design.

Additionally, data is captured on other sources of Wi-fi and wireless which may highlight issues prior to the Wi-Fi deployment.