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Welcome to a new era where the industrialized digital economy is at the crossroads of social collaboration, mobility, the Internet of Things and the Cloud. The mobile revolution has profoundly altered our behaviours and usages, thus providing brands with a one-of-its-kind opportunity to reach out to consumers in a personalized, targeted and consistent way. All businesses are faced with the challenge of better understanding their customers and their specific requirements. Wi-Fi, as the preferred network technology to serve public venues, provides a wealth of benefits. A powerful driver for business, customer loyalty and proximity marketing, Wi-Fi can no longer be seen as a cost centre but rather as a growth engine that leverages the proven strategy of making any customer-oriented content available to qualified prospects.

In this white paper, we focus on the multifarious benefits of the Wi- Fi technology as a key asset for a proximity marketing strategy that aims at more engagement and sustainable relationships with today’s modern and demanding customers.