7SIGNAL Mobile Eye Product Overview

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Mobile Eye enables enterprises to crowdsource Wi-Fi performance data from every corner of their global networks, directly from the smartphones, tablets and laptops of their diverse user-base.

Distribute Mobile Eye to your mobile workforce and you’ll have an army of users reporting on the Wi-Fi experience everywhere they go – giving you global visibility of device performance and roaming behaviour.

Wi-Fi performance tests are discretely run on laptops, tablets and smartphones at pre-defined intervals in the background and unnoticed by the user. Wi-Fi experience results are uploaded to the cloud. Trending data and comparison analytics are available along with device data such as WLAN drivers and signal strength. Distributed enterprises with large numbers of sites finally have an easy and economical way to get real-time visibility of the Wi-Fi user experience at any remote location. Instantly identify devices, buildings, floors, stores or campuses out of compliance with service level targets for Wi-Fi performance. Then take proactive and corrective action before anyone ever notices or complains.

Unlike your Wireless LAN vendor, 7SIGNAL Mobile Eye provides visibility of the Wi-Fi experience from the end-user’s point of view. 7SIGNAL software “lives on the edge”, on client devices where the wireless experience matters most.