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Mission critical devices in manufacturing plants and warehouses often need a strong and stable wireless network in order to function, so if the Wi-Fi is down, business stops. This directly impacts operational costs and the bottom line.

Unfortunately, wireless networks in these environments are hard to get right. Firstly, there are many types of obstructions that you just don’t see in traditional office spaces, such as heavy machinery, moving forklifts, and tall racking laden with stock. In addition, the business-critical machinery and other IoT devices you are trying to keep connected produce radio frequency (RF) noise that interferes with the Wi-Fi. There may also not be any local IT support staff, so Wi-Fi implementations must be simple and robust, be able to withstand dust and extreme temperature variations, and provide remote management capabilities.

This eBook will help you bridge the gap between what you learn in the classroom and what it means to deploy a mission-critical wireless network that really works in a complex manufacturing environment.