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How to Boost the Reliability of Your Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi professionals need to design and deploy reliable Wi-Fi that meets customer needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Accurate site survey measurements are critical to making this possible. Unfortunately, the traditional, commonly used USB-based Wi-Fi adapters provide inconsistent and inaccurate measurements. This leaves Wi-Fi professionals with an incomplete, often false picture of the network performance.

Their imprecise readings can result in additional hours, or even days, of re-work that may result in a larger hardware investment that not only doesn’t improve performance but may diminish it even further. These risks can be avoided with the Ekahau Sidekick®.

This application note details the results of an external professional-grade lab comparing the performance of Ekahau Sidekick and USB-based Wi-Fi adapters Proxim 8494 and Comfast CF-912AC. Findings from these tests show that the Ekahau Sidekick is a substantially more accurate tool and will help boost the reliability of Wi-Fi networks with better measurement data.