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There are a number of wireless threat vectors that network managers need to defend against. One of the more common types of threats to WLANs is from rogue APs. An analysis of Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS) that are available today reveals that many require a high level of administration and often provide less-than-trustworthy rogue AP detection. Organizations that depend on these less capable systems often have a false sense of security as their networks are in fact vulnerable to breaches via rogue APs. Less capable WIPS are also prone to raising false alarms, which can lead administrators to ignore alerts or turn notifications off altogether, leaving their organizations unprotected. In contrast to competing WIPS offerings, the industry leading solution from Arista Networks requires a minimal amount of management overhead while providing reliable rogue AP detection and prevention. This paper shows how Arista WIPS with its patented Marker Packetâ„¢ auto-classification technology compares to rogue AP detection techniques used by competitors.