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The Arista Cognitive Campus 750 series deliver best in class reliability and performance, advanced features with intelligent power management and rich telemetry for modern
cognitive campus networks. Campus networks have evolved from traditional wired and PoE to modern IoT and WiFi enablers with the need for always on services with secure

The 750 Series combine high density, space and power efficient systems, with wire speed performance for the most demanding campus requirements addressing the evolving requirements for WiFi6 and growth of IoT.

CloudVision campus capabilities including FlowTracker Telemetry and device analyzer provide unprecedented visibility into flows within the network and visibility into Wired & Wireless infrastructure, allowing security teams to get granular views into IoT traffic. The 750 series integrated end to end security uses industry standard MACsec.

The 750 Series of modular systems addresses the need for next generation networks with up to 60W of PoE, with cognitive power management, support for 1G to 10G for a full suite of IoT devices and high availability enhancements including Smart System Upgrade and cognitive PoE.

The 750 series enables both Layer-2 & Layer-3 designs, enabling scalable designs based on open standards for networking, while reducing complexity, automating provisioning and monitoring and eliminating the silos of networking in traditional campus designs. Proven technologies like MLAG enable active-active forwarding, while EVPN provides options for scalable segmentation across the campus taking advantage of VXLAN and extending consistent segmentation to the datacenter and beyond. The 750 Series deliver high performance combined with rich EOS innovations for resilience, pervasive security, simplified automation and network observability for the modern campus network.