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The Allegro Virtual Edition combines flexibility with the well-known advantages of Allegro Network Multimeters. With the Allegro Virtual Edition, it is possible to perform live, pcap and historical analyses for virtual traffic with any number of connections and IP addresses. The intuitive and easy to use web interface of the Virtual Edition can be used by multiple users and enables network analysis without specialised hardware.

The Allegro Virtual Edition provides accurate and timely network statistics from virtual traffic in the same way as the Allegro appliances; analysing packets in real-time at wire speed. In addition, pcaps can be created and analysed from previously stored traffic from Layers 2 to 7, and existing pcaps can be analysed within seconds. It offers both comprehensive overviews and detailed statistics, including IP, MAC, L7 protocols and TCP transmissions.

The Allegro Virtual Edition is a scalable solution which can be adapted to the performance of your computer. On a notebook, the Virtual Edition is an ideal companion for portable analysis; on a server with sufficient RAM it is a powerful assistant to evaluate large pcaps. To make best use of all the functionality of the Allegro Virtual Edition, a correspondingly powerful computer is required.

Due to the large number of integrated analysis modules from Layers 2 to 7, the Allegro Virtual Edition offers comprehensive statistics and information on network traffic. This detailed insight helps to identify network problems such as microbursts on L2, TCP retransmissions on a specific host on L4, or top traffic originators for a specific protocol such as Windows updates.

For pcap analysis, the Allegro Virtual Edition is the ideal complement to Allegro hardware solutions.