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Designing Good Wi-Fi: It’s Not Just Plug-and-Play


For over 20 years, the industry has been marketing Wi-Fi on how “easy” it is to deploy. Most IT professionals with a wired networking background have been sold on the concept that Wi-Fi is a “black box” that you can simply plug into your network, anywhere you please, and you magically have wireless connectivity for all your users.

However the quality of the IT infrastructure can only ever be as good as its design. Engineers do not build highways by just paving roads and building bridges wherever they feel like it, and architects don’t build buildings by just randomly throwing together whatever materials that happen to be lying around. How, therefore, can we possibly expect our digital wireless infrastructure network (i.e. Wi-Fi) to just work by random chance?

This whitepaper covers:

  • Steps to designing good Wi-Fi
  • Functional requirements
  • Design parameters

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