Wireless Solutions for Healthcare

Where Wi-Fi is a Matter of Life and Death

A reliable Wi-Fi network is mission critical to the NHS and private healthcare providers within the UK. The sector demands a “medical-grade” WLAN with the availability and Wi-Fi performance required for critical communications and biomedical devices, because if they don’t work properly, it really can be a matter of life and death.

Unfortunately for network teams, hospitals and medical centres are some of the hardest environments in which to deploy and maintain a reliable Wi-Fi network. The resources drawn together on this page are designed to educate, inform, and inspire wireless professionals to build robust and resilient Wi-Fi, in order to improve patient care and outcomes.

Healthcare Wi-Fi Supports:

  • Staff and Patient Mobile Devices
  • Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN)
  • Workstations on Wheels (WoWs)
  • Wireless Medical Devices
  • Communications Badges
  • Asset and Patient Location Tracking



Ekahau Wi-Fi Design Tools

Ekahau is the industry’s leading provider of enterprise Wi-Fi design solutions, helping network owners and systems integrators deploy and maintain Wi-Fi networks that work.

Their flagship Sidekick Pro Pack combines the world’s most advanced spectrum analyser (Ekahau Sidekick) with their unbeatable Wi-Fi planning, site survey, and WLAN validation solution (Ekahau Site Survey Pro).


HiveRadar Wireless Site Survey Kit

The HiveRadar Wireless Site Survey Kit is the most compact, all-inclusive and multifunctional wireless site survey kit for IT professionals.

The clear acrylic mounting plate supports virtually every AP, and the internal battery provides up to 21 hours of power in DC mode. In addition the kit has a built in 3G/4G ready router ideal for cloud managed APs.


Mojo Networks

Legacy infrastructures were simply not designed to handle the influx of mobile devices used by hospital staff, patients, and their families. Nor were they designed to handle the increasingly high volumes of traffic or accommodate the services that today’s mobile apps deliver.

Mojo Networks cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution applies artificial intelligence to the wireless network at a degree that is only possible by harnessing the limitless computing power and storage capacity of the cloud.

The result is a brilliant self-driving network that enables businesses to achieve stellar network performance and unsurpassed patient data protection, while reducing IT costs and minimizing network troubleshooting time.

Monitor & Troubleshoot


Poorly performing access points, thousands of staff and patient-owned devices, and constant changes in the RF environment make it difficult to prevent or troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems in hospitals.

Doctors, nurses, and clinicians grow frustrated when they experience Wi-Fi network delays and slow throughput because it hampers productivity and their ability to serve patients. IT professionals routinely waste both time and money trying to find the root cause of performance complaints.

7SIGNAL dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership of operating your wireless LAN by providing unprecedented visibility into the Wi-Fi user experience. It simplifies problem resolution, especially in remote locations, and enables IT to meet Wi-Fi performance SLAs.



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