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The traditional approach to enterprise security has been rendered obsolete by a perfect storm of mobile users, remote offices, cloud apps, compliance obligations, and evolving security threats.

With security threats coming from every angle, keeping up with them can be difficult. However effective security is still about protecting your data from unauthorised access, and quickly detecting if it’s compromised so that the breach can be closed and damage kept to a minimum.

Each organisation has its own unique threat landscape, so we work with you to conduct a risk assessment before suggesting the most appropriate and cost-effective security tools.

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The dynamic nature of modern day threats mean that simply blocking network ports is no longer an option. Responsible organisations know what applications are on their network and understand the risks that they create. As attacks can come from both outside and within the network, perimeter defence on its own is not enough, visibility and the ability to control application traffic is essential.

The implications of failing to establish visibility are massive should an attack be successful. The longer an attack is undetected the more damage it will cause, and not just to your own network, but potentially your customer’s too.

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An estimated 91% of hacking attacks begin with a phishing or spear-phishing email and although firewalls and other products on the perimeter of your network may help prevent some malicious traffic, email is generally considered legitimate and is therefore allowed into the network.

Protecting against routine spam, viruses and malware is important, but you also need help responding to new threats and challenges that your current security infrastructure just wasn’t designed for. However if you are not careful it is very easy to overspend on email protection.

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In recent years the delivery of applications over the web has introduced new threats and vulnerabilities that traditional LAN-bound applications never had to contend with. Wi-Fi and 4G have become standard in offices, which means the traditional network perimeter has essentially dissolved and encrypted traffic is also on the rise.

These seismic shifts are driving many companies to rethink their web security and seek comprehensive protection and control over all web traffic, even if it’s encrypted, regardless of location and device.

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With employees accessing apps and data directly from the Internet, legacy security solutions—which require traffic to be routed back through the enterprise datacentre—are no longer effective.

The new reality of enterprise security calls for a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise security solution that protects your employees (in the office and on the go) and your data (wherever it resides).



Over 81% of data breaches start with a weak or stolen credential. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional level of protection to user accounts above and beyond a simple password. Prevent unauthorised access in the event of password phishing, theft or brute force attack.


Our managed security services remove the burden of training, change control and administration from your IT department. This allows you to focus on other things, safe in the knowledge your organisation is protected by next-generation security tools for a predictable and affordable monthly cost.

We can provide a turn-key service that includes all the required equipment and licenses, or just manage your existing security tools.