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IT projects can go off-course, loose their focus, take longer, and cost more than originally expected. That’s why you need a reliable expert partner so that you can be certain that your time and budget commitments can be met.

BrightCloud consultants are a committed professional services team with the expertise to deliver successful outcomes, on-time and to budget. However we understand the reality of IT projects and that sometimes changes are unavoidable, which is why our team can be as flexible as you need. We are driven by our core values, so you can depend on our accountability and integrity at every stage.

No IT department has got all the skills it needs for all the work that’s needed; even if you do it’s still a good idea to get a second opinion from a consultant that has seen it, done it and succeeded with the same thing somewhere else.

Choosing BrightCloud gets you the results you want, and saves you time and money.

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A problem manifests as a recurring issue that affects users experience, health of services, the risk to the organisation and the efficiency of the systems and people.

We use diagnostic equipment and a proven fault-finding methodology to identify and prove the root cause. We don’t assume the obvious, for example if a user group frequently complains about slow network performance the root cause could actually be the IOPS on the storage platform 500 miles away.


Strategic planning and decision making requires clear business direction and requirement setting, combined with a deep understanding of the current situation and a broad knowledge of possible solutions.

We continually ask the right questions to help you understand and clearly articulate your requirements, focusing on detailed and quantifiable outcomes that you can use to define the scope and measure the success of your projects.

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You know the result you want, but how do you get there? With decades of experience and hundreds of large projects under our belt you can rely on us to propose the most viable options. We can also help you decide on the final design, and then implement your solution on-time and to budget.


BrightCloud’s core customers are medium-sized businesses (100-2,000 users) BUT we also work with some of the country’s largest organisations and service providers to back them up with core expertise on global projects for thousands of users. The same consultants deliver smaller projects for medium sized enterprises; it’s this level of expertise with a willingness to care about your projects as we would our own that you won’t find anywhere else.


We like success and incentivise our team to achieve the results you need in the timeframe that you need them. We only ever take on projects that we have the skills and capacity to deliver. This means you can rely on us to be honest and specific about what we can and cannot do.

We assign dedicated consultants to work on your project, and keep them on that project for the duration. This means you know who you are working with and can build a good relationship with them.

Our project methodology, including management, online collaboration, flexible charging and guarantees means that you don’t get any nasty surprises.


The technologies we work with include but are not limited to; Citrix, VMware, Veeam, Asigra, Office 365, Nutanix, HP, Cisco, Palo Alto, Symantec, Avast, Ekahau and VIAVI.

Office 365 – Security, reliability and great performance should be at the top of the list of priorities for SaaS applications. Yet many organisations have implemented Office 365 without the expertise needed to deliver a best practice solution. We have found several implementations of Office 365 that have needed fixing by our experts.

Intermittent Application Slows – “The network is slow” is a common complaint but it’s not often the network. Using packet analysis and other application performance tools we can find the root cause of the issue.

Poor Citrix Performance – Got Citrix but concerned about its performance? You may need an upgrade or simply an expert review and health check.

Cloud Migration – Reduce your risk and improve performance with pay-as-you-go infrastructure. Let’s start a conversation and we’ll introduce you to some of the customers we have successfully migrated to the cloud.

Security Strategy on a Budget – Let BrightCloud help you to see what’s really important by assessing your compliance requirements and risks.

Wi-Fi Performance and Reliability – Too many wireless networks are just thrown together without much care and thought. We carefully design Wi-Fi networks using industry leading tools to give you the best possible performance without deploying unnecessary access points.

Cloud Application Slows – Moved to the cloud but need help to optimise its performance? This is core business for us, let us help you optimise your Cloud, SaaS, and IaaS deployments.

Controlling Costs – Are your IT costs spiralling out of control? A strategic assessment of your security, licencing and hardware requirements can help you to reduce unnecessary cost. For example archiving old data can save on your monthly backup bill whilst improving recovery times.

Strategic Planning and Design – Many companies are at crossroads on whether to stay on-premise, move to the Cloud or adopt a Hybrid strategy. BrightCloud’s strategic review services will help you understand where your organisation ranks in your industry for spend, systems and services, and help you decide on the strategy that’s right for you.

Restructure Storage – Is storage performance a bottle-neck holding you back? Let us help you restructure and redesign your storage, backup and archive solution to get more performance out of your existing assets.

VDI Migration to a Nutanix Platform – Where next for your client applications, desktops and laptops? Have you considered using VDI to save money and an enormous amount of time and pain?

Virtualised Infrastructure – But where next?

  • Hybrid Cloud and transformation projects
  • Moved on-premise into IaaS
  • Moved from Co-Location into IaaS
  • Hybrid VDI with IaaS, Office 365 and Azure


Our consultancy services are delivered by our subsidiary, BrightCloud. BrightCloud are a team of consultants and support technicians with decades of expertise in infrastructure and networking. A large part of our consultancy work involves helping larger service providers achieve performance gains and solve issues for large enterprises. However all of our customers get access to the same experience, skills and knowledge, no matter their size.