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Over the last decade organisations across the world have embraced Cloud computing to increase the flexibility of their IT resources and lower their operating costs. However, moving to the Cloud is a big shift from the way organisations have previously thought about IT, and creates new challenges of its own. That’s why it is important to have a partner who understands that the Cloud is not a “one size fits all” approach.

In conjunction with BrightCloud we’ve created a portfolio of Cloud products and services which work in public, private and hybrid deployments. Our experts will help you with a long-term strategic vision, so you select the right solutions for your future needs without compromising on control, visibility, or security.

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The mass migration to cloud, coupled with increased internet and mobile traffic, has led to a proliferation of virtual traffic in recent years.

This creates a challenge for application performance and security monitoring because organisations require visibility to adhere to their security, compliance and monitoring policies. However, traditional visibility solutions are unable to address the key considerations of providing visibility in the cloud.

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With application workloads increasingly moving to the cloud, IT is losing control of the user experience; yet the onus still falls on network teams to maintain performance and resolve issues. Therefore IT service teams need to adopt a “cloud by default” approach, supporting a combination of internal and external cloud resources orchestrated and managed as a unified hybrid infrastructure.

However, this requires full visibility and insight into the path that applications take from the user to the cloud, to the data centre and back. It should not be an either/or choice between monitoring legacy on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

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Organisations are generating more data than ever before, and whilst they may have a data protection solution in place, it could be leaving data sources without adequate protection. Poor, or incomplete data protection is like a bad insurance policy – full of holes, exclusions and caps that leave you stuck with huge risks and costs.

Our Cloud Backup service is built on agentless technology, which means it can quickly and easily protect data dispersed over the cloud, mobile devices and many other locations. With true incremental forever-backup and advanced change block tracking it shatters the limitations of traditional backup solutions.

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It’s likely that your organisation simply can’t operate without your IT systems, so your ability to recover them quickly in the event of a disaster is critical.

We use affordable and efficient VM replication technology to deliver true cloud-based disaster recovery for any application and any data. And because your protected VMs reside on our high-performance DRaaS platform, you get a fast recovery and can run your full production workloads immediately.

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With employees accessing apps and data directly from the Internet, legacy security solutions—which require traffic to be routed back through the enterprise data centre—are no longer effective.

The new reality of enterprise security calls for a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise security solution that protects your employees (in the office and on the go) and your data (wherever it resides).


Back in 2005 we saw the massive potential of Cloud computing and founded BrightCloud. Since then we’ve created a team of Cloud experts and built a portfolio of Cloud services using Gartner acknowledged ‘best of breed’ infrastructure, management and performance technologies.