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Ekahau Certification Courses (ECSE)

Become a Master in Deploying and Troubleshooting Wi-Fi

Join an elite group of experts recognised for their advanced skills in the delivery and maintenance of highly available Wi-Fi networks using Ekahau Site Survey tools.

This four-day training course and examination combines instructor-led classroom lectures and intensive hands-on sessions, covering each element of Wi-Fi life-cycle management.

Location: Oxford, UK

Duration: 4 day training, including certification exam

Class Size: A maximum of 12 people per class

Price: £1,995 + VAT

By the end of this course you will have expert knowledge in designing, deploying and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks, using Ekahau Wi-Fi tools (across all Wi-Fi network brands). The below lectures are also complemented by a host of practical assignments and exercises.

  • How a NIC Works
  • RF Fundamentals (CWNA Lite)
  • 11 Fundamentals (CWNA Lite)
  • WLAN Design Requirements
  • Ekahau Site Survey Design Demonstrations
  • Designing for High Density
  • Rules for Accurate Validation Surveys
  • Analysing Survey Results
  • Troubleshooting with Ekahau Site Survey

The ECSE Certification is for Wi-Fi systems engineers, IT administrators and Wi-Fi professionals needing to enhance their knowledge in disciplines including:

  • Off-site planning in 3D
  • Pre and post deployment site surveys
  • Troubleshooting of Wi-Fi issues
  • Spectrum (interference) analysis
  • Reporting

You are expected to have strong general computing skills, basic networking and WLAN 802.11 technology experience before attending the course.

The World’s Local ECSE Course

We’ve had delegates from all over Europe attend our courses, with one coming all the way from South Africa!

ECSE World Map

Keith R. Parsons

Keith R. Parsons

Keith has been teaching and designing Wi-Fi networks for a decade. Over 3,000 engineers have learned how to apply RF principles and design methodologies to improve their WLANs, from Keith.

Keith will not just teach you about the buttons and menus of our tools, he will customize the training for your Wi-Fi networking needs, gaps and issues, as the basis for a custom tailored training course.

Ferney Muñoz Vergara

Ferney Muñoz Vergara

Ferney has been working with technology for 27 years, 17 of them in networking and 10 years dealing with wireless networks. Ferney is currently employed by Canyons School District and Wireless LAN Professionals, and uses Ekahau to design, troubleshoot and maintain 1,450 Ruckus Wireless network at the school district.

Eddie ForeroEddie Forero

Eddie is Founder and CEO of CommunicaONE Inc., and CWNE #160. He specialises in survey, analysis, & design, and implements WLANs throughout the U.S. He is also the author of the popular blog, BadFi.com.

Eddie brings practical knowledge and experience to help better understand how to apply the skills learned in the ECSE course.

Blake Krone

Blake Krone

Blake is an industry expert helping organisations and individuals become proficient with the hardware and software tools needed to be Mobility Architects.

He has been using Ekahau since the early 2.2 days and continually provides feedback helping to shape the Ekahau Site Survey tools. Applying his real world experience to the training you’ll learn the tips and tricks to be efficient with the tool.

Holiday Inn Oxford

“I really enjoyed the course, I found the content very interesting and very well presented by Ferney.  It has given me the appetite to learn more about wireless.  Ferney was very good, he was very friendly and able to put across the course in a clear and fun manner.

The venue worked really well, it was easily accessible and was very slick, the training rooms were well equipped, the food and drink supplied was also of a good standard making the overall experience very comfortable and enjoyable”

Bob Proctor | Network Engineer – March 2018

“I thought it was a fantastic course – probably the best I’ve ever been on to be honest. Ferney’s knowledge of the subject was second to none, and his ability to explain key concepts to wireless newbies (such as myself), as well as keep everybody engaged, was excellent”

Matthew Lawes | Senior Technical Architect – March 2018

“The venue was excellent, and the course was one of the best I have been on in the last few years. The trainer was superb, his expertise in the subject was clear and he delivered the content with the use of many real life situations that he has encountered during his career. Overall a superb experience that has helped me immensely, I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about Wi-Fi.”

Garry Hanson | IP Network Development – December 2017

“I thought the course was great, it was very well structured and very well taught. Ferney made sure that we all understood what he was teaching, whilst making each topic interesting and exciting.

The hotel was nice and the staff were polite, and the top ups of cookies and food made it a great venue!”

Dan Feek | IT Technician – September 2017

“I have nothing but good feedback. Ferney was nothing short of inspirational and I learnt a significant amount about topics I had previously overlooked. Plus the venue was great. Overall an excellent course which I thoroughly enjoyed, thanks!”

Thomas Martin | Network Engineer – September 2017

“I enjoyed the course and thought it was really well structured and covered a lot of useful topics. If other staff from ASK4 were to go on the course I think would be really useful for them.

Eddie Forero was a really good instructor and he had various anecdotes which helped with everybody’s understanding of the material. Obviously he covered the course syllabus but a lot of really useful stuff also came out of the questions he was asked, things that wouldn’t necessarily have been covered otherwise.”

Jody Botham | Network Architect – June 2017

Read more of Jody’s Testimonial

“I have attended multiple courses over the past few years, and I can honestly say this was one of the most rewarding, and interesting courses that I’ve been on since working in wireless networking.

Eddie was an entertaining and engaging presenter and his wealth of experience in the industry meant he was able to answer all the questions thrown at him. It was also nice to talk to him about how Ekahau has benefited his own company, and helped them grow to where they are now.

The course flowed really well which meant there was never a ‘boring’ moment. The CWNA day was especially interesting and informative, as it went into lots of detail, providing me with a greater understanding of areas I had covered previously. By the end of the four days, I felt confident in using Ekahau and performing in depth surveys and designs for wireless networks.”

Tim Parkes-Rolfe | Network Engineer – June 2017

“I’ve been on numerous courses covering a variety of topics but I have never encountered such an enthusiastic and devoted lecturer as Ferney. His method of comparing Wi-Fi to modern day normal situations is excellent, he’s probably the best lecturer I’ve ever been taught by.”

Andrew MacPherson | Senior Engineer – May 2017

“The course was brilliant. Ferney was confident and helped make all the training accessible and interesting – including the traditionally less interesting material. He also tailored the class by adding additional examples based on our backgrounds.

The course has helped immensely by showing me how I can produce quality bespoke solutions for each customer, and identify common issues and mistakes made when designing a wireless network. The content was very good and was practical based which has enabled me to immediately implement what I have learnt.”

Chris Dlugokecki | Consultant Engineer – March 2017

Ekahau ECSE Graduates May18

Tutor: Keith Parsons

Delegates: Lukas Lajos, Mark Watkinson, Alan Chapman, Gareth Evans, John Holman, Gary Collins, Bobby Wood, Graeme Franks, Scott Buttery, Joe Said, Shahid Rashid, Jamie Rippon


Tutor: Ferney Munoz

Delegates:  Matthew Lawes, Ray Proctor, Ryan Dodds, Robin Mcguigan, Andrew Linton, David Hayes, Santosh Sahani, Daniel Roberts, Chris Webster, Kristian Roberts, Bob Proctor, Chris Smith, Charn Suree

ECSE Graduates Jan18

Tutor: Blake Krone

Delegates:  Mike Molyneux, Sean Brand, Philip Cleary, Matthew Seymour, Suhail Alam, Chris Wheeldon, Lee Wood, Przemyslaw Wieczorek, Eimantas Buzas, Jake Vuyovich, Stephen Chrobot-Hudson, Richard Guttridge

Ekahau ECSE Graduates Dec17

Tutor: Ferney Munoz

Delegates:  Andrius Labanavicius , Nick Hopkins, Simon Baker, Mike Lane, Peter Rixon, Kev Matthews, Patrick Fish, Brian Heaton, Karoline Skoric, Vojtěch Urban, Mick Bell, Garry Hanson, Simon Reynolds

Ekahau ECSE Graduates Oct17

Tutor: Keith Parsons

Delegates:  Amol Dewase, Bruce Fu, Mark Gilbert, Robert Gilbey, Willie Jackson, John Macey, Peter MacKenzie, Ben Mawdsley, Adrian McArthur, Colin Pollard, Andy Robbins, Thomas Trageser, Jamie Walmsley, Michael Wendt

Ekahau ECSE Graduates Sep17 NI

Tutor: Ferney Munoz

Delegates: John Paul McCann, Claire McPhee, Alan Brown, Paul Anderson, Darrell Tindle

Ekahau ECSE Graduates Sep17

Tutor: Ferney Munoz

Delegates: Simon McDonnell, Simon Chivers, Carl Taylor, Nicholas Panayi, Daniel Feek, Paul Hallam, Clive Hudson, Thomas Martin, Phil Carter, Prem Rana, Jamie Kerr

Tutor: Eddie Forero

Delegates: Weijie Qi, Daren Brown, Chris Davies, Martin Hill, Lambros Kostaras, Alan Blake, Christian Cleary, Mark Still, Jaime Bara, Charlie McRae

Tutor: Eddie Forero

Delegates: Gourav Rai, Steve Robinson, Scott Rayment, Paul Measom, Ian Bundock, Tim Parkes-Rolfe, Michal Maluszek, Jody Botham, Keith Perry, Federico Caliciotti, Mike Linnett, Harry Drewett, James Knight

Tutor: Ferney Munoz

Delegates: John Maidment, Kerry Richards, Petur Ásbjörnson, Martin Le Cossec, Robert Wilkinson, Chris Grace, Joe Markus, Andrew MacPherson, Jitesh Samgi, Nigel Paine, Jack Law, Darryl Alder

Tutor: Ferney Munoz

Delegates: Tim Dmytrenko, Stewart Murray, Shahid Kadri, Alexandru Ancateu, Steven Hush, Gary Foxley, Colin McRae, Paul Rayner, Steven Bell, Chris Dlugokecki, Darren Turton, Luke Miskelly, Nigel George, Richard Aitken

Tutor: Ferney Munoz

Delegates: Gordon Roberts, David Guest, Luke Clemons, Michael Diack, Scott Archibald, Dirk Driezen, Steve Minehan, Craig Duffin, Pär Kylén, Emil Kämpe, Tom Ingram, Jessica Goodchild, Allan McManus

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CableCom Networking: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi in Student Accommodation

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