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The Realities of a Remote Working Culture


The-Realities-of-a-Remote-Working-Culture-Report-co-brandable_Page_01The report provides contemporary insight into the disconnect between the perception of how well protected an organisation is when employees are working remotely and the realities of today’s remote working culture, alongside practical advice to help IT security teams provide a safe and flexible environment that empowers people and organisations to meet the challenges of ‘Anywhere Working’.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown began, security and IT professionals across the globe have faced extraordinary challenges.

Practically overnight, almost every employee became a ‘remote worker’, leaving most organisations in a position of increased business risk as their newly-minted remote workforce switched to working from dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen tables.

Using insights gathered from a survey of 300 cyber security professionals, our partner Censornet’s report explores how organisations are facing increased exposure as a result of the blurring of boundaries between work/life activities for remote employees and the ‘blind-spots’ in security posture created by the frenetic shift to homeworking in 2020.