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Delivering excellent application performance

Our consultancy and professional services revolve around delivering excellent application performance to your users. With years of specialist knowledge our consultants are experts in designing, optimising and troubleshooting networks. They work with you to ensure your network and applications work, are robust and up to the task.

By helping you maximise your existing resources we eliminate the need for unnecessary purchases and upgrades. Whilst solving your current IT challenges, we are still thinking about your future and how we can get you there with the competitive edge that only the best IT and application infrastructure can.

We can also help you to virtualise your non-core operations, taking away cost and complexity of setting up and then maintaining these components of your infrastructure.

Take the next step

Find out how we work with you to ensure your network and applications work, are robust and up to the task.

Why Open Reality?

Maximise your existing resources

By helping you maximise your existing resources we eliminate the need for unnecessary purchases and upgrades.

Best in breed technologies

If new hardware is required our partnership with world leading IT manufacturers ensures you get best in breed technology at the best possible price.

Specialist and proven expertise

Our consultants are highly trained and have proven industry experience, providing you with real insight and tangible benefits.

You can focus on vital day-to-day IT services

We work behind the scenes so your IT team is able to focus on the other key areas that keep your business moving.

Our Professional Services


Open Reality has 100% success record in delivering excellent quality professional services. We have this record because we only take on work where we are able to deliver, using our methodology for understanding customers’ requirements and explaining the solution that will be delivered prior to any further engagement we are able to guarantee that we deliver on a customer’s expectation. 100% track record.

Our consultants built one of the very first infrastructure as service platforms in the country, we have been designing reliable and resilient infrastructure since we started in 1999. But most importantly we understand the way that applications work on an infrastructure and out across the network and we use the network management and performance optimisation tools that we sell to provide consultancy and reporting which demonstrates our expertise and returns value to any other customers engagements.

Managed Services

Lots of organisations have an absolute reliance on IT infrastructures for business success, corporate governance, regulatory compliance and enterprise risk management. Yet very few have the resources, expertise or time to manage and support every aspect of their IT infrastructure in-house. That’s why businesses are increasingly outsourcing the risk and lowering their costs by making a strategic move to cloud and managed services.

Since 1999, we’ve grown and evolved an extensive portfolio of managed and support services, many of which started out as minor project and evolved into a major partnership. We make the best use of the exceptional skills, experience and delivery focus of our team. Each member is highly trained, reviewed and has proven industry experience. They provide customers with real insight and the tangible delivery of services that are guaranteed to deliver real benefits to users, the business success and to the organisation as a whole.

Performance Resolution

Performance issues are inevitable and often blamed on the network, even if it’s not actually at fault. Even occasional issues impact business performance and the user/customer experience. It’s often hard for IT teams to find the time and tools needed to properly investigate, diagnose and resolve performance issues.

Our consultants work diligently behind the scenes to get you a speedy resolution, leaving you to focus on other areas. Acting as an emergency service you can call on our team at any time to help with application performance issues as they arise.

So next time your applications start to slow down and users complain give us a call.


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