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Network Performance

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Applications only perform as well as the networks upon which they run

Poor application performance is painful for both your business and for your employees. If problems persist your operational productivity, efficiency and employee confidence in IT will all be affected. People instinctively blame the “network” though in fact issues can be caused by changes to applications or network infrastructure, traffic spikes, security compromises and rogue applications. This makes it very difficult to find the root cause and implement a solution unless you are equipped with the right network testing, monitoring, optimisation and management tools.

No two organisations will have the same network infrastructure demands, so we make it our business to understand your network and objectives before we make any recommendations. We like to work with our customers to establish exactly what issues led to a failure or performance investigation and then design a solution that meets not only your immediate, but  future operational needs. This might be a simple product investment, an infrastructure upgrade or the option of a managed service.

Effective IT is not necessarily state-of-the-art and we only use proven technologies, many of which we have integrated into our own IT infrastructure, to underpin the wired and cloud services we deliver and manage for our customers. In addition to hardware and software solutions, we also offer expert consultancy and skilled support services, ensuring that you are supported before, during and after sale.

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Find out how we can help you to optimise your network so that your business applications perform better and work harder for your users.

Expert Consultancy

Our consultants are experts in network analysis and diagnostics, with the skills and experience to get to the root cause of network problems quickly, all without the need for you to divert valuable resources away from their day-to-day duties.

The Components of Great Application Performance

Network Testing

Network testing is essential in order to guarantee that new application roll-outs and upgrades work first time, without disrupting users and customers. It’s also critical when migrating applications into the cloud or designing new networks. Testing provides you with a complete understanding of the capacity and operational conditions of the network that you are responsible for. The whole process requires a comprehensive strategy and the right combination of tools and skills to guarantee network performance.

Ekahau Site Survey

Ekahau Site Survey lets you plan and create Wi-Fi networks according to your performance and capacity requirements—taking into consideration the increasing amount of wireless clients (BYOD) and simulating real-life application usage such as VoIP, HD video streaming and web browsing.

Apposite WAN Emulators

Apposite’s Linktropy and Netropy WAN emulators simulate bandwidth, latency, jitter, loss, congestion, and other important network impairments to test the performance of applications under a spectrum of real-world conditions.

Ixia IxChariot

IxChariot equips users to confidently assess the performance and reliability of applications running on wired, wireless, and virtual data centres. The solution consists of an IxChariot Server and performance endpoints distributed throughout multiple sites and data centres, end-user PCs, and mobile devices. Real-world applications are simulated to predict device, system, and network performance under realistic load conditions.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is the only way you can stop user downtime, as you need to know exactly what’s happening on your network, before it happens! Proactive monitoring also provides you with visibility that you need to quickly establish the root cause of common problems so they can be fixed. It’s also essential if you want to plan effectively for future capacity and usage requirements.

Observer Network Performance Management Platform

Using proprietary packet capture technology, the VIAVI performance management solution offers the ability to mine network data and apply deep packet analytics to optimise resources in real time.

The GigaStor is the most powerful, adaptable and scalable network performance monitoring technology available in the market today; this is definitely the new dominant force in packet capture, deep packet inspection and analysis.


ObserverLIVE helps IT operations and network teams in hybrid IT environments ensure that their users can access and use the business applications they need – wherever they are hosted.

Ixia Net Tool Optimizers

Ixia’s Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) family of network visibility products are architected and designed to deliver zero-loss, line-rate performance so network security and monitoring solutions are served with relevant traffic from all over the network in real time.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Powerful and affordable network monitoring software that enables you to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems & outages.

WAN Optimisation

If you have a Wide Area Network (WAN), remote users, multiple offices, or use cloud based applications then your business can benefit from Network Optimisation. Optimisation improves application performance and delivers cost savings by reducing bandwidth use by your datacentre’s and cloud applications.

Blue Coat PacketShaper

Blue Coat PacketShaper is a cloud-connected WAN and internet appliance that provides visibility into applications and web content on your network, along with powerful application-level policy management.

PacketShaper gives you visibility control and optimisation of your precious bandwidth, allowing you to deliver optimised cloud solutions to your company without the need to increase bandwidth and giving you the control to speed up the traffic that is mission-critical. As more and more businesses roll out voice video and office 365 more and more are choosing PacketShaper as the optimising technology that really returns on its investment.

Blue Coat MACH5

The MACH5 packs power, flexibility, and speed in a single WAN optimization appliance. MACH5 features combined protocol acceleration, compression, object and byte caching and QoS to help accelerate key applications such as file access, email, web, storage replication and backup.

We have seen up to 100% savings on office 365 traffic running across an organisation’s are a private MPLS, this type of performance optimisation brings incredible benefits to any business with a large number of sites.

Citrix NetScaler

As an IT professional, responsible for ensuring the delivery of applications and data to your workforce, you should consider a Citrix NetScaler; in fact make one your right hand man.  Citrix NetScaler is an application delivery controller (ADC) that improves the performance, security and resiliency of applications delivered over the web.

A Citrix NetScaler ensures best performance and reliability. Proven to deliver on its promise, it underpins the workforces and operations of many major PLCs, mission critical organisations and independent businesses delivering retail and business services. These include organisations as diverse as NHS, Formula 1 and Google.

In short, Citrix NetScaler will enable you to deliver enterprise and cloud-based applications and data with the best performance and reliability guaranteed. You meet your KPIs and your organisation meets its obligations to its employees, shareholders, customers and maintain compliance.


Over the last year we have saved over £731,000 in capital and support costs and reduced our carbon footprint by nearly 400 tonnes thanks to Citrix an…
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CableCom Networking: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi in Student Accommodation

CableCom Networking: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi in Student Accommodation

CableCom offered the services of their Wi-Fi team free of charge to several non-customer universities. Dean Hancock and the wireless team at CableCom used Ekahau Site Survey to conduct the survey and generate easily understandable client-facing reports.


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