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Complete application visibility and actionable security intelligence

A Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) is a great way to get visibility of what is really happening on your network. It will show where you have potential risks on your network that could affect your security.

It will give you a full understanding of which applications are being used, including an ‘shadow’ applications that may not have been authorized by the IT department. It will show URL traffic, content types, and will catalogue all potential threats on the network, known and unknown, and those linked to user behaviour. Best of all, it will give you recommendations for dealing with the risks that are identified

Request your customised Security Lifecycle Review to see:

  • Applications in use, and the potential risks to exposure
  • Specific details on ways adversaries are attempting to breach your network
  • Comparison data for your organization, versus your industry peers
  • Key areas to focus on for reducing your organization’s risk exposure

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