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Vision Edge 1S Product Brief

Connected devices are expanding our networks exponentially, both in density and geographical distance, as Wi-Fi becomes more accessible. And the web of connections is only spinning wider and wider. This forces companies to increasingly rely on edge computing to solve the latency, bandwidth, and security concerns that centralized data processing poses for devices at the edge.

“Something like 20% of enterprise data is being produced and processed outside of data centres today. But by 2022, Gartner expects the majority of enterprise data to be produced and processed outside of data centres, and it is conceivable that will grow to 75%, 80% or 90% by 2025”.

With edge computing increasing in demand, the need for visibility on the edge is growing ever more critical. Introducing localized data processing improves speed and optimizes digital infrastructure while increasing the complexity and attack surface of your network. This creates vulnerabilities that threaten both the security and performance of your branch sites.