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Tintri EC6000 All-Flash Series Datasheet

The Tintri EC6000™ All-Flash Series delivers powerful and efficient all-flash performance for up to 7,500 virtualized applications in just two rack units. Flexible expansion with FlexDrive gives you the power to balance performance and capacity one drive at a time. The unique Tintri storage file system, built specifically for virtualized and cloud workloads controls each application automatically and helps you match capacity to business needs one drive at a time. With the EC6000, you can start with a 19 TB all-flash system and grow to over 40 PB of all-flash storage supporting over 480,000 applications all managed by a single console. The Tintri EC6000 series delivers completely autonomous operation, real-time and predictive analytics, and powerful automation at the application level of abstraction to build and run virtualized enterprise applications