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The world is expeditiously moving to the cloud to achieve greater agility and economy, following the lead of the cloud titans. Arista’s revolutionary innovations in software-driven cloud networking are propelling this dynamic transformation that weaves private, public and hybrid clouds into a seamless single-image network.

Avant-garde applications including artificial intelligence, social media and big data, coupled with emerging architectures such as, dense server virtualization and IP Storage have placed enormous demands on the network infrastructure in datacenters.

Key transformations include:

  • Architectures are transforming the enterprise, extending to the campus and branch, converting siloed places in the network to a cloud first strategy resulting in places in the cloud.
  • Applications are changing to new standards and methodologies for agility and elastic demand, blending cloud native and business worlds.
  • Traffic patterns of the past are supplanted by highly distributed applications that drive east-west traffic for workloads, workflows, and workstreams and disparate devices.
  • The pressing mandate facing cloud-scale to enterprise providers is easy portability between different AI workloads without compromising cycle time.
  • Datacenters are moving to microservices, be they physical, virtual and containerized models.
  • Demands for hitless upgrades and high availability are mandatory with automatic rollback and uninterrupted services.

Network architectures, and the network operating systems that make the cloud possible, need to be fundamentally different from the highly over-subscribed, hierarchical, multi-tiered and costly legacy solutions of the past.