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When it became clear that a dramatic change was needed to satisfy the demands of SD-WAN, we built the Evolving Networks SDN Platform. The first Software-Defined Access Network in the UK.

A unique, multi-VNO model, featuring redundancy in all systems, this network of networks lets us sit above the traditional ISP, and build ancillary systems designed to support and augment our connectivity through a series of inter-connected cloud platforms.

This is how we bring human intelligence and artificial intelligence together to work hand-in-hand. AI and network engineers, dynamically managing the network continuously, able to shift customer data and connections away from a single router or an entire datacentre, seamlessly rerouting traffic between our VNO partners, when they see issues arising, or even before.

Contrasting sharply with the way traditional ISPs operate (no bizarre issues such as major routers fighting over which should be “primary”) this approach illustrates Evolving Networks relentless focus on connection quality, performance and uptime, over-engineering every component, system and connection on the basis that every one of them can (and eventually, will) fail.