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Public SaaS application adoption is taking off even faster than many industry pundits predicted. SaaS apps, services like, Office 365, and Box, are being adopted at a rapid clip. In fact, Gartner predicts that nearly 40% of enterprise IT application spend will be shifted to cloud versus on-premise by 2020.1 Between the business productivity and cost benefits of the subscription cost model of cloud app services, corporate adoption of cloud-delivered SaaS apps appears to be only a matter of time.

However, while most IT departments evaluate and select cloud-based applications based on their many business productivity benefits, a number of critical and often overlooked security and performance issues need to be considered at the same time. Ultimately, as a customer of a cloud application service you are responsible for securing your users and content, not your vendor.

This guide details some of the major considerations when looking to secure cloud application use, the limitations of existing point-products, including traditional Secure Web Gateways (SWGs), and an overview of the integrated cloud security gateway approach that is needed to provide comprehensive, information-centric security as your data moves between your users and your cloud applications.