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While deploying Wi-Fi throughout its pubs has proven popular for Marston’s, it also presented a challenge. Marston’s found its customers not only visited their pubs for food and conversation, but also to use the network to stream video, gaming, email and music content to their various mobile devices.

As more customers used the service – especially during peak times – the service for all customers and, more importantly, the mission critical electronic payment and other corporate applications were compromised.

The Marston’s Telecoms team knew that to realize revenue and profit growth from its free Wi-Fi service, it needed to deliver a better user experience by actively managing bandwidth and quality of service across all competing demands, with specific attention on prioritizing its business applications.

To support its free Wi-Fi initiative, Marston’s Telecoms turned to the Symantec PacketShaper appliances. The granular bandwidth controls and application prioritization capabilities were the right answer to Marston’s dilemma.