Optimizing Your Office 365 with PacketShaper_Page_1

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Cloud computing provides organizations large and small the scalability and efficiency needed to keep pace with business today. However, the success of your cloud strategy hinges on how easy it for your users to access and take advantage of all the capabilities of new cloud applications. Their user experience will have a direct impact on how effectively they are using the new capabilities. Therefore, ensuring optimal cloud application performance and user experience should be one of the key considerations in your cloud adoption strategy.

Surveying most IT managers about the most popular business cloud application today, Microsoft Office 365 will often come in at the top of the list. Based on the wildly successful Microsoft Office suite of products, Office 365 is one of the most popular and most successful business Cloud application available today. Industry analysts are predicting the popularity of Office 365 will grow to near 700M users by the year 2022. But, unlike its on-premises counterpart, the performance and user experience of Office 365 is heavily dependent on the efficiency and performance of your network. To deliver the same response times and overall experience your users expect, you need to optimize your network.