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Among all the change within IT, the one constant has been IP technology. While reliable and scalable, this reliance has consequences:

  1. IT teams know less about how IT infrastructure connects and functions
  2. There are no open standards defining the who, what, where, and how users and devices are communicating

The result: IT often struggles to keep on top of user experience and performance issues.

It’s getting worse. Today’s hybrid IT environment is increasingly difficult to manage. The growing number and variety of devices, whether related to IoT deployments, cloud migrations, or users at the network edge, are becoming unmanageable. IT teams are losing control.

As a tightly integrated part of Observer, GigaFlow eliminates the operational murkiness and enables comprehensive end-to-end operational visibility.

Observer GigaFlow intelligently combines   numerous metrics, resolving these challenges by quantifying the health of every network interface, independent of location or ownership. This delivers enhanced end-user experience insight with enriched, high-fidelity forensics.