Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway - The Cornerstone of Your Security Architecture_Page_1

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The web is central to the way we work, live, and play – and therefore it is also a focal point for cybercrime. Organizations are targeted more than ever today, and the volume, diversity, and sophistication of web-based threats are at all-time highs.

Many enterprises have responded by re-examining their approach to web security, which is a positive development. Unfortunately, it has also led to some incorrect and counterproductive assumptions about current web security technology, particularly secure web gateways, also known as web proxy solutions.

A closer examination of web proxy architecture reveals that its role is more critical today than ever, and that it is in fact the only architecture that can provide full protection against today’s web-based threats.

This paper provides a brief recap of the functionality provided by web proxies, why proxy architecture is still a vital building block for a comprehensive web defence, and how web proxies can work with other solutions such as next-gen firewall (NGFW) to deepen the organization’s defences against advanced web-based threats.