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The recent global upheaval has forced an unexpected sea-change upon corporate business workflows and campus networks. Workers and network administrators not only have to embrace a new model of the diffused campus workspace, but also adapt to the revised security, support and collaboration challenges imposed by social distancing, contact tracing and an amplified reliance of collaboration tools that are evermore business critical. Furthermore, campus IoT device deployments are exploding, as more use cases are becoming commonplace in the distributed workforce; amplifying workforce productivity, and providing better monitoring of workloads, workers and physical workspaces.

While the relentless price/performance improvements of campus switched LAN and WiFi technologies remains an important criteria for infrastructure upgrades, there’s a new emphasis on automation, telemetry, and decision support analytics to offload and streamline day to day management activities from overly burdened NetOp and SecOp teams. Additionally, there’s  requirements for automated deployment, config management and remediation allowing net admins to realize true zero touch campus network deployments and maintenance.

Network administrators look for standard based solutions delivering high quality, ease of maintainability and consistent administrative experience to facilitate templatized deployments, and help administrators build on industry best practices and their networking experience.

These are the new business imperatives for campus networks, as enterprises continue to drive operation efficiencies, with an growing ratio of devices to admins, driven by the explosion of IoT devices ranging from fixed and mobile phones, IP cameras, security, RF readers, and asset tracking equipment, to name a few.

Arista’s Cognitive Campus Architecture goes well beyond wireless/wired LAN connectivity in addressing the challenges of workers coping with increasingly dispersed workspaces. As workers require constant access to their corporate and cloud resources, Arista’s Cognitive Campus meets constant availability requirements, with hitless upgrading and patching, lossless failover, and proactive remediation of client connection issues