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In the restaurant, nightclub, and (coming soon) hotel industries, TAO’s differentiation is its laser focus on one key thing: an exceptional and full guest experience. According to IT Director John Watson, the company thinks about how to exceed expectations for every step of the guest journey and how to offer a complete sensory experience as soon as a guest enters the door—lighting, food, ambiance, presentation, and technology—even Wi-Fi. But TAO doesn’t implement technology just for technology’s sake. John looks to Wi-Fi as an invisible enabler of an exceptional experience and one that allows TAO to better understand its guests. “The guest should just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride without having the technology get in the way,” he explains.

When John joined TAO Group in 2008, he realized that Wi-Fi was not just a way to interact with guests, but it would also become a marketing tool that empowers all TAO staff members to promote the company. Most importantly, Wi-Fi is a critical way for TAO to offer innovative services and to stay relevant with guests.