Mojo Case Study: Maine Medical Center

Maine Medical Center (MMC) serves as a community hospital for the people of Portland, Maine, and as the premier tertiary care center for northern New England. It has 606 licensed beds and provides comprehensive inpatient services in all medical specialities. A key to its safety record is MMC’s focus on what healthcare professionals call the five rights of medication administration: The right patient receives the right dose of the right drug at the right time via the right route.

To help deliver medication safely and efficiently, the Medical Center had deployed barcode point-of-care (BPoC) technology from VeriScan and a wireless LAN from Cisco for connectivity. Over a period of years, wireless applications at the facility grew to include over 500 BPoC units, 100 handheld scanners, 500 IV pumps, 150 mobile carts with computers, hundreds of glucose meters, and numerous wireless printers.

By early 2008, those responsible for maintaining the WLAN at MMC realized that the existing system was no longer scalable for the continually increasing demand or future needs. Looking ahead, major expansion of the facility and new wireless applications would drive the need to significantly expand the existing WLAN system. “Our wireless infrastructure would become increasingly important as we rolled out more and more critical applications, such as wireless telephony, to more areas of the facility. It had to be reliable and scalable and it had to include a robust security solution since a breach or failure could impact performance or, more importantly the safety of our patients and the privacy of their data,” says Paul Labbe, Director of Clinical Engineering at Maine Medical Center.