Mojo Case Study: Abingdon School

Steeped in over 750 years of history, Abingdon School has a reputation for excellence. Supporting over 1,500 students and staff on campus, the small Abingdon IT department, led by Andy McGinn, is responsible for providing pristine Wi-Fi across the campus. This includes Wi-Fi to classrooms, the boarding houses, students, and Wi-Fi for guests visiting the school grounds for events in the auditorium or to the sporting fields.

When Andy McGinn and his team decided to upgrade their WLAN it was not because their Wi-Fi was failing to adapt to the growing number of devices on the network or because the network was failing. The school elected to upgrade their Wi-Fi when their existing Mojo Access Points, C-55 and C-65s, went End of Life. Andy and his team considered other Wi-Fi vendors but remained with Mojo Networks for its history of reliability, ease of use and to access the network intelligence features of Mojo’s Cognitive Wi-Fi™ platform.