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Where is the edge of your ISP’s network? It’s an important question.

An ISP or SD-WAN provider can only collect network health and performance data up to the edge of its network.

It’s a fact they rarely mention – the entire market is focused on speed and price, not quality – but it’s critically important. That’s because, between the edge of the provider’s network and your premises, there’s a networking No Man’s Land where faults, congestion, poor line quality and a host of other issues can arise, hidden, eating away at your bandwidth and reducing the quality of your connections.

This is a key issue with the UK’s broadband infrastructure, which the Evolving Networks software-defined network ecosystem overcomes entirely. For the past ten years, we have been taking the No Man’s Land out of the equation, comprehensively monitoring and fully controlling every aspect of the WAN, from the datacentre right through to customer premises.