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For many organisations, VPNs have become the go-to tool for secure wide area connectivity, despite the fact that they are far from popular with those that use and manage them.

Complex to configure and plagued by unpredictable, difficult to diagnose faults, they sit high on most IT teams’ lists of reviled technologies, yet are seen as the only real option for wide area networking without the complexity and much higher cost of leased lines and MPLS.

Their popularity is scarcely better with users, who suffer unreliable connections and mysteriously vanishing resources, impacting collaboration, teamwork and productivity.

This white paper explores how organisations can now replace their VPNs with SD-WAN as a Service, a robust, flexible, scalable, self-configuring, easy to implement and manage WAN solution that actually works, all day, every day, making connecting to geographically distant resources and colleagues as simple as accessing a local hard drive.