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This report provides contemporary insight into the challenges faced here-and-now, alongside practical advice to help security teams provide a safe and flexible environment that empowers people and organisations to meet the challenges of today.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown began, security and IT professionals across the globe have faced extraordinary challenges.

Practically overnight, almost every employee became a ‘remote worker’, leaving most organisations in a position of increased exposure on an escalating scale.

Using insights gathered from a survey of 300 cyber security professionals and the guidance of industry experts within the Censornet team, we’ve created a report that explores the reality of the role of security during a global pandemic.

Within the report, you will learn:

  • What the cyber security landscape looks like in 2020
  • How to address the top 5 concerns of 2020
  • Key advice to overcome today’s email threats
  • The realities of a remote working culture – and what this means for your security
  • Tactics for dealing with today’s challenges